Sunday, August 7, 2016

Avocado, Eggs, and Coconut Oil

If you want to get a flat belly fast, you MUST eat plenty of fat.  At the same time, not just any fat will do...some fats are no good at all, while others are health-boosting and fat-burning rockstars!  Here are a few of my favorites that I personally eat just about every day...

1. Avocados - Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats as well as loads of vitamins to boot (E, K and C to mention just a few).  Not only that, but they pack a serious fiber punch, 5 grams in just a small half cup!  Between the fiber and healthy fat content, you'll have no problem staying full for hours after enjoying a delicious avocado.  Makes for a great snack, side dish with dinner, addition to salads, and of course there's always guacamole!

2. Eggs - Eggs are a great source of fat as well as high quality protein, just make sure you don't skip out on the yolk!  Why?  The yolk is by far the most nutritious part of the egg, providing over 11 vitamins and minerals including nearly 100% of the daily RDI of energy-boosting B12 from just 3 eggs daily.  They are a great breakfast item, but of course they can be enjoyed at any time of day!

3. Coconut oil - Coconut oil is one of the richest sources of perhaps the most beneficial fat known to man, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).  MCTs have been shown to improve brain function, lower cholesterol, improve skin and hair health, and best of all:  burn more fat!

Now, if you really want to get the cutting-edge on reducing belly fat, you'll be happy to know that a new breakthrough Tel Aviv University study discovered that if you consume this one specific "super nutrient" daily, you can lose flab and flatten your belly a whopping 145% FASTER... but the one catch is,  you MUST consume it immediately first thing in the morning for it to work.

==> DRINK THIS ALL NATURAL LOW CARB PROTEIN first thing in the morning to accelerate fat-burning
==> Watch This to learn more about drinking the above low carb protein in the morning to accelerate fat-burning

Try it today and just watch what happens,

BioTrust Nutrition

Monday, August 1, 2016

Bedtime Cocktail That Removes Brain Toxins...

Hello Everyone,

Kenneth here again with some unbelievable exciting news from Dr. Matt Roberson, M.D.
Lead BioTrust Medical Advisor. Looking for Honest Nutrition for Your Ultimate Body then this is a MUST READ!

NOTE: Today is the last day to take advantage of this VIP special offer!
Hi it's BioTrust medical advisor Dr. Matt Roberson and today we're going to reveal to you the exciting details of a brand new, breakthrough formula so powerful that it's been shown through peer-reviewed research to roll back up to 17 years of age-related mental decline... yes, you read that  right, 17 years!

Best yet, for one last day, we're making it EASIER than ever to get your hands on this "brain health miracle" with HUGE discounts and FREE shipping -- all while helping you improve your overall cognitive function and mental capacity by 240%!

Let me ask you a question:

Did you know that hundreds of studies show that starting in your early 30's, each and every year you experience significant memory loss along with the loss of valuable brain power and function?  In fact, research at Georgia Tech University shows that the average person's memory declines by as much as 40% between the ages of 30 and 65, with an even more pronounced decline as you enter the so-called "golden years".

Just think, are you experiencing any of these 5 Early Warning Signs of a Declining Brain?

**Forgetting where you've put things, names, faces, or important due dates and appointments
**Difficulty remembering conversations you recently had, or things you just read
**Stopping mid-sentence, forgetting what you wanted to say
**Stumbling on words, suffering from lapses in concentration and being "scatter brained"
**Experiencing regular "brain fog", where you often can't think clearly or your thought process is slowed and murky

For sure, these common yet serious symptoms are no laughing matter.  Even worse, there are a host of environmental toxins in today's air, food, and water supply that are constantly preying on your brain:

*Fluoride in tap water shown to lower IQs
*Artificial sweeteners that trigger the death of brain cells
*High fructose corn syrup and foods high in sugar shown to cause brain shrinkage
*GMOs in non-organic vegetables and many processed foods causing "brain rancidity" (where vital omega-3 fats in your brain are literally caused to go rancid and become toxic)
*Toxic pesticides and herbicides used as "common practice" on fruits, veggies, and grains
*Alcohol consumption which damages brain neurons (even in moderation)
*Electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones which can disrupt the DNA of your delicate brain cells and cause brain dysfunction
*Aluminum in antiperspirants and deodorants the can cause toxic build up of heavy metals in the brain

Simply put, the world we live in today takes normal age-related memory loss and compounds it 100 times over.  And when you realize the constant danger your brain is continually being surrounded by and exposed to in today's day and age, along with the undeniable documented memory loss associated with "getting older", it's no wonder that research shows the #1 fear of aging adults is losing their freedom and independence due to what is seemingly unavoidable mental decline.

Are you worried about...

*The nightmare of a failing memory?
*Falling victim to deteriorating mental abilities?
*The fear of becoming dependent on others for basic daily living?
*The dread of losing control of your decision-making?

It all sounds very overwhelming, and it is.  The fortunate news, however, is that there IS something you can do about it.  Even better, the answer is found in a brand new synergistic blend of five proven "super brain nutrients" that are able to shield your brain from dangerous toxins while at the same time:

**Reversing up to 17 years of age-related cognitive decline
**Dramatically improving your memory by a whopping 168%
**Reducing mental fatigue, lapses in concentration and "brain fog" by 43%
**Improving the quality of your memory by 92%

All while safeguarding your brain from the devastation of mental decline each and every day.

And as you'll see in a moment, the incredible benefit of rolling back up to 17 years of mental decline is ONLY seen when these 5 ingredients are used together, in their purest forms, and in the exact right amounts... just like we've already done for you. 

Wouldn't you love to have a brain that's 17 years younger in just minutes or even seconds a day?  Can you just imagine how good you would feel if you could think as keenly and as sharply as you did 17 years ago?  Stay tuned and we'll show you how.

The first super brain nutrient I'm excited to share with you today is one of the most popular and time-tested herbs in history to help with your memory. Unfortunately, many brands use a cheap version of this herb that can be dangerously tainted and woefully lacking in the potency your brain requires—thus, most people don’t get the results they deserve… or worse yet these "toxic" versions of this herb can even harm your brain.  

We're talking about Ginkgo Biloba—a potent leaf extract used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. And make no mistake, over 100 studies indicate that PURE, legitimate Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best brain-nutrients ever discovered.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers refuse to pay 4 times the price for pure USP Grade  Ginkgo. Instead, they use cheap versions that can be dangerously high in a toxin called Ginkgolic Acid—in amounts well above the standards set by the World Health Organization.  Ginkgolic Acid can even cause damage to DNA and it’s potentially toxic to nerve cells and the immune system.

Pure Ginkgo, however (listed on the label as "USP Grade Gingko"), is extremely safe and exceptionally effective.  Just how effective?  Let’s take a look...

In a double-blind placebo controlled study (the gold standard of research design), conducted by Dr. Joseph Mix at Liberty University, 262 healthy older adults received either 180 mg of pure ginkgo extract or a placebo (with no ginkgo) for 6-weeks. At the end of the study the Ginkgo group achieved a whopping 168% improvement in specific memory tests.

Talk about recharging your brain and restoring your memory!

In a second peer-reviewed study by Dr. David Kennedy at Northumbria University, a single dose of Ginkgo was demonstrated to almost instantly increase speed of attention and quality of memory by 92% over the placebo group.  These results are incredible findings for reducing "brain fog", lapses in concentration, and feelings of being scatter brained.

In addition, through its antioxidant properties, further studies show that Ginkgo can:

• Inhibit "brain cell rusting" by protecting neurons in the brain from oxidative damage.
• Slow the clearance of important neurotransmitters from the brain, thus allowing them to build up (allowing your "brain battery" to stay charged longer).
• Suppress the stress-hormone cortisol that, if left unaddressed, can lead to brain damage and shrinkage.

Of course, BioTrust uses only the purest USP Grade Gingko available, but it doesn't stop there...

The second brain nutrient stand-out I have to tell you about is an extract from a perennial flowering plant called Rhodiola Rosea with over 30 studies supporting its positive effect on the brain.

In a study conducted by Dr. Darbinyan and published in Phytomedicine, night duty medical doctors were given 100 mg of Rhodiola rosea, resulting in significant, fast improvements in mental fatigue, concentration and memory -- that's 3 benefits in one!

Our third brain nutrient superhero, L-Theanine, is extracted from exotic tea leaves native to eastern Asia. Dr. Anna Nobre at the esteemed Oxford University conducted brain scans before and after a single 50 mg dose of L-Theanine. As you can see, L-Theanine caused the brains to go from dull to bright with the key memory and focus centers of the brain lighting up and becoming active.

From dull to bright with L-Theanine
Just think of what you could accomplish with a brighter, more active brain!

Super brain nutrient #4 is N-Acetyl Tyrosine, an amino acid precursor that is used by professional athletes as well as the U.S. Military to keep fighter pilots alert and ready for action.  This amino acid precursor is research-backed tolower cortisol levels in the brain while recharging low levels of neurotransmitters during times of mental and physical stress. 

The end result? Better mental focus and memory recall when you’re battling life’s greatest challenges.  

And finally, the 5th powerful neuro-nutrient in our arsenal is Acetyl-L-Carnitine, also known as ALC.  Studies show that this important amino acid helps convert dietary fat into nerve cell energy within the brain, thus enhancing the brain’s energy supply and ability to process information faster. Yet another study on ALC resulted in a 43% improvement in mental fatigue and a substantial boost in all mental abilities tested.

As you can see, the science surrounding these powerful neuro-nutrients is abundant. In fact, all together, these 5 neuro-nutrient superheroes have more than 200 peer-reviewed studies backing their ability to support a healthier, brighter, more vibrant and mentally sharp brain.  But that's not even close to the best news... 

You see, the real magic happens when these 5 ingredients are combined together, in the exact right amounts and in the purest forms... and that's exactly what we've done with BioTrust Brain Bright™.  In fact, Brain Bright™ is so powerful and effective that when you take it every day, you can roll back up to 17 years of cognitive decline.  Just take a look at what the research on Brain Bright™ shows:

In a recent double-blind placebo-controlled study (again, the gold standard of research design) performed on the actual Brain Bright™ product by renowned researcher Dr. Jacob Wilson and his team at the University of Tampa, Brain Bright™ was shown to improve overall cognitive function and mental capacity by 240% just minutes after consuming this powerful brain-boosting formula!

By comparing these results to the normal expected mental decline of thousands of individuals ages 20 - 80 (as established by the Stanford and Vanderbilt Schools of Medicine), the mental performance of those using Brain Bright™ was now akin to individuals 17 years younger!  Can you just imagine how good you would feel if you could think as keenly and as sharply as you did 17 years ago?  With Brain Bright™ not only is it possible, but research on the actual Bright Bright™ product shows it to be the average, expected result.

Simply put, unlike inferior products that only attempt to address one part of the brain, Brain Bright™ offers you triple-action brain enhancement with three unique approaches to brighten a drained brain:

1. Enhancing neurotransmitter levels (for lightning-fast communication between brain cells)
2. Increasing critical oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood flow to the brain (nourishing your "starved" brain cells)
3. Protecting your brain from cortisol, toxins and oxidative damage (also known as "brain rusting").

In the end, the research-backed ingredients representing Brain Bright’s™ 3 unique pathways translate to ALL of these incredible benefits for you:

**Reverse and restore up to 17 years of age-related cognitive decline
**Dramatically improve your memory by a whopping 168%
**Reduce mental fatigue, lapses in concentration and "brain fog" by 43%
**Improve the quality of your memory by 92%

And you'll do it all while safeguarding your brain from the devastation of mental decline each and every day you continue to use Brain Bright™.

And as if that wasn't enough, you'll also experience significant improvements in learning, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills.  Yes, that's right, the ingredients in Brain Bright™ have actually been shown to make you SMARTER... not a bad benefit if we do say so ourselves!

Even more, with Brain Bright™ you'll say goodbye to:

**A fading memory
**Mental fatigue and constant "brain drain"
**Lapses in concentration and feeling scatter-brained
**Brain Fog, where your thought process is slowed and unclear
**The fear of age-related mental decline

Instead, your brain will feel recharged, your memory will be enhanced, and your mind will be sharpened...all in just 10 short seconds each day. 

A better, brighter, sharper brain in just 10 seconds a day?  It really is that simple.

To begin experiencing the premium brain-boosting effects of Brain Bright for yourself, simply click on the special link below (only available via this VIP email) and select your money saving package right now:

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And of course, like with all BioTrust products, you're always protected by our industry-best 365 Day Satisfaction Guarantee, where you can get a refund of even empty bottles if for any reason you aren't satisfied -- up a full YEAR after securing your order today!  Are we crazy?  No, we're just so incredibly confident that you will see and experience the dramatic memory, mental clarity and overall brain health benefits of Brain Bright™ that we want to make it one of the easiest decisions you've ever made to try this premium formula right now before our initial lot runs out.

Again, this product is only currently available to VIP subscribers like you and today is the final day to take advantage of free shipping + up to 31% OFF on this brand new brain-boosting, memory-enhancing supplement!  Act now to secure your savings and avoid disappointment:

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To your ultimate health!

Dr. Matt
Dr. Matt Roberson, M.D.
Lead BioTrust Medical Advisor

Here's to Happy Health and Your Ultimate Body...

Kenneth aka BioTrust Affiliate

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Dirty Secret Behind Suzanne Somers....

Good Morning!

BioTrust Nutrition Blogger here to share a little dirty secret that was exposed to me this am by none other then Kyle Leon the creator of Muscle Maximizer Review.

So you want in on the dirty little secret about Suzanne Somers? Just read the message below I received and you will be in on the dirty little secret.

Suzanne Somers has a dirty Anabolic secret...

No doubt, she looks fabulous for 68.

Certainly, she has had some work done to her face.

Yet, her body is incredible for a woman her age.

And it's not Thigh Masters keeping her sultry and trim at 68.

Rather, it's her dirty Anabolic Secret...

Here's what that dirty secret is...

In the 70's, 80's and 90's there was one man who was an absolute pioneer for exercise. He was way ahead of his time, and most of his concepts -- and this extremely rare -- have been proven to be sound.

He could get anyone in incredible shape faster than anyone else.

It was his claim to faim.

So, right up until his death, Hollywood would send actors and actresses to him to get in shape.

Especially those over 40.

His name, Vince Gironda.

Suzanne Somers was one of his clients.

He lead his clients through a routine that usually only took 30 minutes and there was an emphasis on plenty of rest.

Well Vince had incredible intuition that if you used simple principles to increase strength, that it would increase your lean muscle mass.

And when that happens, you force fat off your body, you look great (crucial for Hollywood) and your metabolism fires up like a nuclear reactor.

Well, I can't say outright, but Suzanne "may" still be using the same thing.

Regardless - since Vince's passing -- it's come to light that he was absolutely correct.

Over the age of 40 if you train using a unique targeted strategy like this old school one it will fast track your success.

The good news is...

Steve and Becky Holman are the ones who are still pioneering this system now known as FX4 and it delivers incredible results to their male and female clients.

It's an excellent system, and in fact since I'm now getting a few grays in my locks, it's how I actually train.

See it here:

==> Quickly Sculpt Your Body While Slowing Aging To A Crawl

Stay young,

Kyle Leon

So what did you think? Pretty Impressive? Had you even ever heard of Vince Gironda aka the Iron Guru? I hadn't but then again I'm not into Hollywood either. Never the less history is always interesting and well it always repeats itself so I'm not surprised about how his techniques have came to full circle.
Well if your thinking transforming yourself so you too can share a dirty little secret to everyone yourself then you may want to think about BioTrust for all your supplements, meal replacements, fat burners, snacks and the list goes on.

Their products are all 100% Natural and 100% Organic and a 100% Delicious. See and Taste for yourself with this great discount code below. Plus they are currently doing bundling packages to allow you to save another 40%. WOW! Now's the time to try and stock up for the summer transformation.

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Insane 80% OFF the #1 Probiotic on the Marklet Pro-X10 Probiotics today (ONLY while supplies last)

Hello Everyone,

Kenneth here with some exciting news on a HUGE 80% discount on BioTrust Pro-X10 probiotics while supplies last. Think its to good to be true to get eighty percent off on a probiotic that Promotes Bowel Regularity, Reduces GI Inflammation, And Supports Intestinal Health—All While Accelerating Your Fat Loss? Well I'm here to say it's not to good and now is a better time then ever to try a Great Product with a Great Price. Check out the message below from Co-Founder of BioTrust Nutrition Mr. Joel Marion.

Here's the deal: We made a big mistake and ordered too much of our premium microencapsulated probiotic supplement, Pro-X10 (delivering up to 10xs more health-restoring probiotics to your gut than traditional probiotic supplements), and with our upcoming truck delivery this week, we're simply not going to have enough room to store it all at our fulfillment center.

Our mistake, your benefit.

You see, because this inventory simply HAS to go to make room for our delivery, we're blowing out Pro-X10 at $9 a bottle today (that's a whopping 80% OFF, only while supplies last). Even more, because this email is going out to hundreds of thousands of our loyal subscribers and customers right now, I'd urge you to grab your 80% OFF supply at the link below ASAP as this price won't last long:

==> Get premium Pro-X10 Probiotics at 80% OFF (only $9 per bottle while supplies last)

Fact is, although most people don't realize it, your GI tract is quite literally your second brain, housing more than 80% of your immune system and more than 100 TRILLION living bacteria…

That’s more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire body – and maintaining the ideal ratio of “good bacteria” (known as probiotics) to “bad bacteria” is now gaining recognition as perhaps the single most important step you can take to protect your health and further along your fat loss goals.

In fact, there are more than 200 studies linking inadequate probiotic levels to more than 170 different health issues; including obesity and weight gain.

Perhaps you yourself are already experiencing some of the more advanced signs that your intestinal bacterial balance is beginning to spin out of control, such as:

• Gas and bloating
• Constipation and/or diarrhea
• Skin problems
• Overall sickness
• Headaches
• Urinary tract infections
• Trouble sleeping
• An inability to lose weight
• Sugar cravings, especially for heavily refined carbs

You see, the ideal healthy ratio of “good” to “bad” bacteria is 85% to 15%, or 9 to 1.

Unfortunately, due to lifestyle and environmental factors, the vast majority of the population is severely lacking when it comes to good probiotic bacteria, throwing their gut flora ratio completely out of whack.

These lifestyle and environmental factors include, but are not limited to, exposure to:

• Sugar
• Artificial sweeteners of any kind (found in "diet" beverages and food items, chewing gum, and even toothpaste)
• Processed foods
• Chlorinated water
• Pollution
• Antacids
• Laxatives
• Alcoholic beverages
• Agricultural chemicals and pesticides, and…
• Antibiotics (from medications and/or antibiotics found in meat and dairy products that we ingest).

As you can see, unless you maintain a 100% organic diet, completely avoid all sugar, and lock yourself in the house in an attempt to only consume the purest of air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is almost certain that your gut flora balance is suffering, and will continue to suffer, unless you do something to proactively correct it on a daily basis.

With that said, it’s no wonder that research is now suggesting that supplementing with probiotics every single day is even MORE important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin.

But here’s something you may not know…

The vast majority of the probiotics contained in traditional probiotic supplements will be DEAD before they ever reach your gut.

And of course, dead probiotics are completely worthless.

You see, one of the greatest challenges in creating a truly effective probiotic formula is being able to actually deliver delicate probiotic cells to the gastrointestinal tract, fully intact and alive. Because probiotics are living bacteria, they are also extremely sensitive to even the slightest change in environmental conditions. In fact, research has shown that after one year on the shelf, in a sealed bottle at room temperature, on average only 32% of conventionally produced probiotics survive.

And get this, most of the probiotics products you find on store shelves are already well over a year old—some even as much as two years old. After all, big companies produce hundreds of thousands of bottles to cut cost and then store these bottles in their warehouses long before they ever end up in your hands.

But it gets worse.

Due to the extreme acidic environment of the stomach, another 80% of the remaining live probiotic cells will be killed off before reaching the intestine. In the end, traditional probiotic supplements, while claiming billions upon billions of active cells per dose, will only wind up delivering a very small percentage of what their label promises alive and well to your gut.

With that said, you can see how a probiotic product claiming 20 billion cells is reduced to a mere 1 billion count rather quickly.

When it all boils down, not only are these products a complete waste of your time and money, but much more importantly they are robbing you of the critically important health benefits that are the entire reason you would invest in a probiotic product in the first place.

Fortunately, there is a solution, and the answer lies in patented Microencapsulation Technology™.

Knowing the previously mentioned challenge, at BioTrust we’ve developed what we feel is the most advanced probiotic formula anywhere, Pro-X10™, using cutting-edge, patented Microencapsulation Technology™ developed by Italian researchers to solve this very problem.

Instead of leaving fragile probiotic cells to fend for themselves, this process encases each live cell in a lipid matrix to protect them from oxygen, light, acids, bile, and the like. The end result is dramatically enhanced survival of probiotic cells both on the shelf and through the stomach, and greatly improved delivery over traditional probiotic supplements.

But we didn’t stop there. While most would be satisfied with the most cutting-edge delivery method and absorption rate of any probiotic product, we wanted to make Pro-X10™ even better for our customers… and that’s exactly what we did through the incorporation of one of the most powerful probiotic support nutrients of all time, Actazin™.

Actazin™, manufactured from New Zealand’s own superfruit, the Kiwifruit, has a four-way action on gut health:

1 . Prokinetic enzyme activity gently stimulates the movement of stool through your GI tract to help "keep you regular."
2. Insoluble fiber further promotes regularity and softens stools without gas or bloating.
3. Prebiotics support the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut to further improve your gut flora ratio.
4. Polyphenolics support beneficial bacteria, inhibit infectious pathogens, and further assist in maintaining long term digestive health

Beyond that, Pro-X10™ is manufactured under a patented allergen-free manufacturing process, and if all of that wasn’t enough, we even included 3 extremely unique probiotic strands not contained in 99% of other products, including:

1. Bifidobacterium lactis for constipation and inflammatory bowel relief

2. Lactobacillus salivarius for unprecedented oral health. In fact, this unique strain has been proven through research to dramatically decrease the level of plaque forming bacteria in the mouth while naturally freshening breath and reducing gum sensitivity

3. S. boulardii for unparalleled immune support, including a significant increase in mean blood cell count and a decrease in systemic inflammation, even during periods of high stress

Simply put, with research suggesting that probiotic supplementation is even more important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin, and the fact that inadequate probiotic levels have been linked through research to more than 170 different health problems, including obesity and weight gain, we truly believe that EVERYONE should be taking a probiotic daily.

But as we’ve clearly shown in today's article, not just any probiotic product will do, and that’s why we developed Pro-X10™. Through patented microencapsulation technology, Pro-X10™ is able to deliver up to TEN TIMES more healthy bacteria to your gut—the equivalent of 50 BILLION cells daily—when compared to traditional probiotic products where the vast majority of cells are rendered DEAD and useless before ever reaching their final destination.

And with the strategic addition of Actazin™ and 3 other unique probiotic strands, there really is no comparison. Pro-X10™ is easily the #1 probiotic on the market.

Even better, benefiting from Pro-X10 couldn't be easier: just take one small capsule twice daily and let science do the rest. But hurry, our current supply won't last long as we have literally NEVER offered this premium supplement at just $9 a bottle previously (and our inventory is very limited).

Secure your 80% discounted supply of Pro-X10 now before this price is gone forever:

==> Get premium Pro-X10 Probiotics at 80% OFF (only $9 per bottle while supplies last)

To your success!

Joel Marion
Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition
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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mocha Anyone? The All New Delicious Cafe Mocha Delight Low Carb Protien

Hey Everyone,
Great news from my affiliate co founder of Biotrust, Josh.
It's here!  Our limited supply of brand new Café Mocha Delight protein is now available to you as a VIP subscriber via the below link with added FREE shipping when you order today (just use the coupon code mocha at checkout to get free shipping on your entire order).  If you're an existing BioTrust Low Carb customer, then you already know just how amazingly delicious our protein shakes are... and the feedback from everyone who has tried brand new Mocha Delight is that this is our BEST-tasting flavor yet!  And we definitely agree! 
That said, because this flavor is so new our initial inventory is very limited, so please be sure to secure your order now at the link below (again, use coupon code mocha for free shipping).  This is also a great opportunity to stock up on all your other BioTrust favorites with free shipping on your entire order!
Now, as you may know, 3 years ago we set out to create the absolute best protein powder on the planet and BioTrust Low Carb was the end result (after about 8 different taste trials perfecting its rich and creamy taste and texture).  Even MORE has gone into this new flavor creation, and it is hands down the best protein powder you will ever taste in your life (and if for some strange reason you don't agree, we'll buy it back from you with our 365 day guarantee).  But beyond its incredibly delicious taste, the QUALITY of BioTrust Low Carb is really where this one-of-kind protein powder shines.
What exactly makes BioTrust Low Carb stand head and shoulders above any other protein powder on the market?
*It's made with natural ingredients (no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives)
*It's made with certified hormone-free proteins (if a protein powder doesn't state it's hormone free on the label, it's not)
*It's sweetened naturally with stevia and naturally sweet form of fiber called inulin (NO artificial sweeteners)
*It contains 4g of fiber per serving (and only 1 gram of sugar!)
*It contains only 4g of net carbs per 24 grams of protein
*It's built around a 4-protein time-released blend that fuels your body with quality nutrition and keeps you full for hours on end
*NO soy protein
*NO gluten and No GMOs
*It's cold processed to protect the quality of each protein, unlike common high-heat and acid processing practices that denature the protein as it's manufactured
*It the very first protein to contain ProHydrolase, a specialized enzyme blend that has been shown through research to boost protein absorption 10-fold!
And did we mention it tastes incredible?  Every time you mix up a Mocha Delight, Milk Chocolate or Vanilla Cream BioTrust Low Carb shake, it's just like enjoying a rich and creamy milkshake from the ice cream shop -- only it comes in at just 150 calories while supporting your weightloss goals and stroking your fat-burning metabolism!
And if that wasn't enough, every order today will come with our special BioTrust Low Carb recipe book, 53 Fat Burning Smoothies & Milkshakes -- so you'll have an endless variety of delicious smoothie and milkshake recipes to enjoy as your burn flab and enjoy vibrant health!
Fact is, we've sold over 1 MILLION containers of BioTrust Low Carb because it's the BEST the protein powder money can buy.  The best taste, the best quality, the best EVERYTHING.  But our initial inventory of brand new Café Mocha Delight is very limited so you must act quickly. To avoid disappointment be sure to secure your discounted order right away at the link below before we run out -- once this initial inventory is gone it may be several months until we are able to get more in stock!
To your success!
BioTrust Nutrition

Monday, July 13, 2015

DON'T drink this fat-burning beverage at night

Hey it's Kenneth with another great message from my affiliate Joel BioTrust and today he has a little science lesson for you about your "belly fat" hormone, also known as cortisol.  Cortisol is a hormone that your body releases to deal with stress, and unfortunately high levels of cortisol have been linked to increased levels of abdominal fat.

Want to reduce cortisol and burn more belly flab?  Here are 3 things that you can do starting today:

1. Work less - New research shows that if you work more than 48 hours per week, the likelihood of consuming excess alcohol goes up dramatically.  Alcohol consumption increases cortisol, and together they both increase belly fat. If you're looking to shrink your belly, trimming back your working hours while choosing calorie-burning exercise for stress relief (in lieu of alcohol) will do wonders for your waistline.

2. Don't consume caffeine after 6PM - Although caffeinated beverages can enhance fat-burning when consumed around exercise, caffeine can be a double whammy on cortisol levels, especially if consumed at night when it's very likely to negatively affect the quality of your sleep.  Getting quality, uninterrupted sleep each night is critical to reducing cortisol, so you'll want to avoid caffeine in the evening hours.

3. Take time to "unplug" - A recent Canadian study showed that those who were constantly "plugged in" to technology all throughout the day (TV, smart phones, computers) were significantly more stressed than those who took time to "unplug" during designated time blocks each day.  More stress = more belly fat, so if you want a trim belly start planning some device-free time each day.

Now, if you really want to get the cutting-edge on reducing belly fat, you'll be happy to know that there's a brand new way to burn belly fat that has been shown in more than a DOZEN research studies to help you burn fat and slim your waist at an accelerated rate.

In fact, one breakthrough study showed that those who performed this belly-burning trick just twice daily burned 400% more fat than those who didn't.  Another study published in the Journal of International Medical Research showed that those using this powerful flab-burning trick lost 20% of their body fat in just 12 weeks.  And get this... the trick takes less than a minute to perform!

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Hi, this is Joel & Josh, and as promised, we're incredibly excited to let you know that we just received another limited supply of one of the most breakthrough, cutting-edge fat-burning and waist-slimming supplements of ALL time (after blowing through our first two shipments a few months back)... and as a VIP customer, you now have a unique, limited opportunity to secure YOUR supply of this powerful belly-fat-burner along with several very special bonuses for the next 48 hours!

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You see, today we need to talk to you about a rather uncomfortable truth:  the vast majority of good folks all around the world, perhaps just like you, are carrying a significant amount of excess weight around their mid-section.

Now, not only can this excess belly flab be demoralizing, carrying a devastating physical and emotional toll, but excess abdominal fat is even DEADLIER than you might imagine. In fact, research has shown this type of fat to possess more potentially fatal health risks than any other type of fat—a reality that could very well steal decades of your life well before its time…

The fortunate news, however, is that there is a brand new blend of exotic fatty acids that has been shown through research to help you flatten your belly and even AVOID fat storage to boot.  Fats that BURN fat?  Yes, it's true, and we'll tell you all about these unique fat-burning fats, along with the undeniable science supporting their waist-slimming power in the next few minutes, so be sure to keep reading...

The main fatty acid in this group is called conjugated linoleic acid, and while you probably haven’t heard of conjugated linoleic acid, it’s been around since the beginning of time as this “super fat” is actually a healthy and naturally occurring fat found in beef and other dairy products such as yogurt, milk, butter, and cheese.

Beyond that, and of prime importance to today’s conversation, conjugated linoleic acid has been linked to an array of health benefits, most noteworthy being its unique ability to burn more belly fat than any other fat known to man...

Just how effective is conjugated linoleic acid at burning fat and slimming your waist?

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled human study (the gold standard of research design) published in the Journal of International Medical Research, 20 participants were either given conjugated linoleic acid or an imposter (in the form of vegetable oil) daily for 12 weeks.  At the end of the study period, the conjugated linoleic acid group lost 20% of their body fat while the placebo group lost no fat at all.

In another double-blind, placebo-controlled human study conducted by renowned Swedish researcher Dr. Annika Snedman, those receiving conjugated linoleic acid lost 400% more fat than the placebo group over the course of 12 weeks—and this was all done without any change in diet and without the implementation of a regular exercise program.

Want more evidence? There’s no shortage when it comes to the belly-fat-blasting effects of conjugated linoleic acid…

A third study conducted at the University of Barcelona, Spain measuring the effects of conjugated linoleic acid intake in 60 healthy men and women age 35 to 65 found that subjects receiving conjugated linoleic acid lost significant body fat (78% of which was from the belly region) while the placebo group actually GAINED weight...

A fourth double-blind, placebo-controlled human study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition with more than 175 total participants resulted in the conjugated linoleic acid group losing 8.7% of their total body fat while the placebo group once again GAINED weight. Subjects were asked not to change their diet or exercise routines during the study, further validating the intake of conjugated linoleic acid as the only explanation for the vast difference in results between the two test groups.

And as if that wasn’t enough, yet another study performed by the leading research team at Upsalla University in Sweden and published in the prestigious International Journal of Obesity resulted in the conjugated linoleic acid group significantly reducing their abdominal girth in only 4 weeks, while the placebo group experienced no change in abdominal measurements whatsoever.

Clearly, research shows conjugated linoleic acid to be the #1 fat for burning unwanted belly fat through its unique ability to naturally activate the full fat-burning potential of each fat cell, but here’s the problem:  the scientifically effective amount of conjugated linoleic acid (i.e. the daily amount necessary to obtain its belly-fat-burning benefits) is upwards of 2 grams per day, an amount that makes obtaining this level a virtual impossibility through beef and dairy products alone.

For example, in order to obtain the necessary 2+ grams per day of conjugated linoleic acid you’d have to consume:

12 pounds of beef
25 pounds of cheddar cheese
5 and ½ sticks of butter
7 and ½ gallons of milk...or...
79, 8-oz containers of yogurt...

...every single day of the week.

Of course, the calories contained in such large amounts of these foods would completely cancel out the fat-burning benefit of their conjugated linoleic acid content, not to mention the extraordinary expense and utter impracticality of consuming that volume of food, period.

But what if you could get the scientifically effective level of 2+ grams of conjugated linoleic acid daily in the form of an easy-to-take capsule that fights belly fat (and the rest of that stubborn fat around your body) without having to choke down pounds of beef and dairy products each and every day?

Essentially, it'd be the easiest, most practical and convenient way to fight off you're unwanted stomach flab…

But even better, what if you could do it along with the addition of several key ingredients to increase your results beyond what conjugated linoleic acid is able to provide by itself? Is that something you might be interested in?

You see, yet another "super fat" is an extract of pomegranate seed oil, called punicic acid. This unique wonder fat has been shown through research to reduce the conversion of fatty acids in the blood stream to the storage form of body fat by up to 40%. In other words, that's 40% more fat burned as energy, instead of that same fat being stored as body fat around your waistline.

To sum it up, by combining conjugated linoleic acid with pomegranate seed oil, you get the best of both worlds—increased belly-fat-burning via conjugated linoleic acid and decreased body fat storage by way of pomegranate seed oil.

Together we call this dynamic duo of fat-fighting fatty acids BellyTrim XP™, and it’s by far one of the most exciting, unique formulas we've ever had the opportunity to work on. You'll also be happy to know that if you have other problem area fat storage across your body—such as fat deposits on your hips, thighs, arms, and back—this specialized formula of super fats works to trim down those areas just as well as it does your troublesome belly fat.

But what if we could make this fat-blasting combo of super fats even MORE powerful?  What if we could take it from an incredible, research-backed formula to a supplement so potent that it stands alone in a class above and beyond any supplement of its kind? Well, that’s exactly what we did by adding certified BioPerine® to an already extremely effective BellyTrim XP™ formula.

You see, this patented black pepper extract has been shown to enhance the absorption of fat soluble nutrients by up to 60%. In other words, 60% more absorption means 60% more belly-fat-burning power for you, and it’s only available together as part of our ultra-advanced BellyTrim XP™ formula.

Now, admittedly, that’s a lot of science, but the take-home point to remember is pretty simple:  BellyTrim XP™ works with your body’s natural biology to increase fat-burning and reduce fat storage, without any harmful stimulants.

Yep, that’s right: burn more fat and store less fat; it really is that simple.

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Joel & Josh
Founders, BioTrust Nutrition